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Review - BSRT G3
By Gordon Watt
Note: The G3 has undergone some minor modifications since the article was written. When Beedle unveiled the G3 in Hawaii, it was not yet in full production. Only two chassis were thought of being available, but has since upped that to three. I guess our track was sorta used as a benchmark test site for the operational world.

Beedle’s Visit Hawaii

Hawaii had the privilege and pleasure of entertaining the GREAT Gary Beedle and his lovely wife, Nicky, of BSRT/Scale Auto fame. While vacationing in the islands, the Beedle’s visited the Advanced HO Racing Association (AHORA) and introduced their latest project, BSRT’s new G3 High Performance car. In honor of their visit, the Wat’s prepared a scrumptious steak dinner, and presented Nicky (wife) with a “Pidgin to Da Max” book, and Gary with a “Life Time Achievement” Plaque from the gang. Then the fun began!
Gary unveiled his G3 and all 30 of us swarmed unto him to get a first-hand glimpse of the new G3. Racers we have not seen in years dropped in for a look-see. Like flies on rice, Gary proceeded with his workshop/seminar on HO cars. He helped tune everyone’s car; explained his philosophy and physics of slot car racing; answered all questions; and allowed everyone to drive the new G3 car. Wow! This new car is a rocket! Times recorded rivaled the elapsed times of cars a class higher. Super Stock times rivaled those of a Modified class car, Modified times got close to a Restricted Open car, etc. After 5-hours of talking and a parched throat, Gary jumped onto the toughest lane (dreaded red) and blitzed it with consistent 2.5-second laps with his G3 in Modified trim.

AHORA has the honor and distinction of receiving BSRT’s pre-production samples of the new G3 car. Other than Gary’s BSRT race team, no one has ever seen this new G3.

A G3 Review

Being a good friend of Gary Beedle (President and CEO of BSRT/Scale Auto), I received a Pre-Production version of BSRT’s new Super G3. What a car this is! In lieu of manufacturing his own specialized PRO Car, Gary opted to unveil a superior redesigned version of Tomy’s Super G+ setting his personal Pro Car on hold.

Beedle’s philosophy is for today’s racer to employ most of the parts currently existent in their race box. Before venturing on with this concept, he polled many top racers across the nation as to what they would like incorporated in a car. Their input instilled the birth of BSRT’s new G3.

There have been 60 plus innovations incorporated into an already successful design. The most frequent complaint was the fragileness of the Tomy chassis. Believe me, that has been rectified, and then some.

The new G3 chassis is constructed of a new space age lightened material. It is 3 grams lighter. Before announcing its release, the BSRT race team drove hundreds of actual test miles attempting to break the chassis. It still has not broken.

Many new improvements include: a protected pick-up shoe design and a raised shielded guide pin strategy resulting in the bottom flange of the guide pin ever touching the track. The G3 has larger traction magnet receptacles, larger and stronger traction magnets capable of different strength placement configurations. Its traction magnets are constructed of a new material with a superior bonding process. They are 30% stronger with an innovative new design. Stringent precision realignment of the armature between front and back bushings; uniform alignment between the front and rear axles; taking the guesswork out of proper tire sizing, and a gusseted unbreakable traction magnet clip. This chassis is void of all square corners. Where possible, all corners are rounded to minimize snagging onto anything and ensure a better bonding of the chassis material. The rear-bushing receptacle assimilates a cup, where the bushing resides and minimizes or eliminates bushing spin.

The G3 chassis will be released in two distinct versions. The entry level (Super Stock) will allow chassis flex, while the modified or upper class versions will be more rigid. All chassis comes with universal pre-drilled body mounting post holes. The production cars’ traction magnets, although made with the new material, will be contoured and molded similar to what you currently see with the Tomy design. The after market magnets whether ceramic or polymer will be wholly rectangular resulting in more magnet mass, thus stronger in strength. These are designed specifically for the competitive racer. All of these magnet configuration strengths vary when used in tandem with the motor magnets. One alignment presents stronger down force, while another negates that orientation. The choices are yours to make.

Thus far, with the limited time I’ve spent with the new G3, many new potentials are envisioned. This car is a rocket! The same type of acceleration we’ve grown to love with Tomy’s Super G+ is predominant! It doesn’t bog down. Times recorded with a Super Stock version rival those of a Modified Class. A Modified version turns times similar to those of a Restricted Open Class car. This car was worth the wait!

Gordon and Gary