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Introduction - HO World T-Brushes
New Commutator brushes for Aurora Pancake motors

This project started because I race Fray cars, and the products that were out there just didn't meet my needs, in many ways. After months of research and development, we finally came up with the product and price point we wanted. That product is the HO World T-Brush.

Simply stated, we wanted a brush that would last through the rigors of a full day of racing, and not gum up. We wanted a brush that did not require any "treatment" to the brush before installing. We wanted a brush at a price point that was affordable to all, and that would give high performance at stock Aurora brush prices. We got all that.

It wasn't easy, actually. There were many things to consider. Some of those were the proper height and diameter of the brush. Other issues were the composition, and how the brushes were constructed. We wanted a brush for the regular guy who runs Thunderjets, Tuffones, or AFX non-mags, and all they have to do is just drop it in, and there would be a performance boost. It also had to be competitive with any existing after market products used in Fray racing.

OK, so what is my personal experience? In our testing we found a couple of things. First, response is just as good as anything out there, and way beyond the stock brushes. Two, the commutator stays very clean, and the plate is not gouged, even with no treatment. Put them in, and run a few laps, and it's perfectly ready. Three, no one beats the price for this quality.

T-Brushes are available only from HO World. Email "" for information. Pricing for one bag $13.50 for 10 pair, plus $1 shipping per bag, Standard Mail, or USPS Priority Mail shipping is $4.

We will not replace items that are broken or lost in shipment, without insurance. Add $1.20 for insurance charge. We recommend this for all orders.
After 300 laps.